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LIC Policy Status Check via SMS

LIC Policy Status Check via SMS is a ease of use facility to the LIC India Policyholders. Now-a-days, everybody are carrying a mobile phone with them. Just with a single SMS, customers can get the complete Policy Details. On the other hand, there’s no need of Internet or PC too. Further, the corporation has set up this SMS service to comfort its customers all the time. Moreover, customers can visit for further details of the system.

Half of the population of India are holding LIC policies today. It will be greatly helpful for the citizens to get entire plan particulars by SMS.

For which number you need to send SMS? What are the procedures to utilize SMS facility? We have given the full-length details for LIC Policy Status Check via SMS. Also, the SMS charges will depend on mobile operator as well as the plan a customer is using.

Why SMS service is better?

It’s notable that LIC policyholders can get respective policy details on the corporation’s official website, Also, if a customer forgets the User Name and Password, he has to follow few steps to retrieve them. It’s a time taking process comparing to the SMS service. Today, everybody wants a better facility which accomplishes the tasks within seconds. i.e., LIC Policy Status Check by SMS is a more convenient method to track scheme information. All a customer needs is the Policy Number to send the SMS.

What all a customer can check using SMS service?

Moreover, policyholder can check for a number of details, such as:

  • LIC Individual Policy
    • Policy Status
    • Revival Bonus
    • Nominee
    • Also, Premium
    • Loan particulars
  • LIC Pension Plan
    • Policy Status
    • Existence Certificate Due Loan
    • Annuity Amount
    • Also, Last Annuity Released Date
    • Cheque return details, and many such other information.

Procedure for LIC Policy Status Check via SMS

Firstly, a customer needs ‘POLICY NUMBER’ to get the details. Moreover, LIC policy number will be at the top left corner of the schedule of a policy bond. Further, LIC SMS codes vary depending up on Individual plan and Pension plan.

LIC Policy Status Check via SMS

LIC Codes to check the details via SMS
For Installment Premium ASKLIC PREMIUM
To know Bonus Additions ASKLIC BONUS
For Revival Amount ASKLIC REVIVAL
To know the amount of loan available ASKLIC LOAN
For Nomination Details ASKLIC NOM

LIC Individual Policy Check


Following are the Examples:

  • To Check Installment premium under policy (Premium), type ASKLIC 999999999 PREMIUM.
  • If the policy lapses, for Revival amount payable (Revival), then type ASKLIC 999999999 REVIVAL.
  • To know the Amount of Bonus vested (Bonus), then type ASKLIC 999999999 BONUS.
  • If you want to know the amount available as Loan (Loan), then type ASKLIC 999999999 LOAN.
  • To get the details of Nomination (NOM), type ASKLIC 999999999 NOM.

LIC Policy Status Check via SMS

LIC Pension Policy Check

Type (LICPension [STAT/ECDUE/ANNPD/PDTHRU/AMOUNT/CHQRET]) and send it to 9222492224.

Following are the examples:

  • If you want to know the IPP Policy Status (STAT), type LICPENSION 999999999 STAT.
  • For Existence Certificate Due (ECDUE), then type LICPENSION 999999999 ECDUE.
  • Also, to check the Last Annuity Released Date (ANNPD), type LICPENSION  999999999  ANNPD.
  • For Annuity Payment thru (CHQ/ECS/NEFT) (PDTHRU), then type LICPENSION 999999999  PDTHRU.
  • To know Annuity Amount (AMOUNT), type LICPENSION  999999999  AMOUNT.
  • Also, to get the Cheque Return Information (CHQRET), then type LICPENSION  999999999  CHQRET.

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